About The Law Office Of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A.

Honest. Approachable. Responsive.

During my career, I've seen lawyers take cases knowing that the chances for success are low. These lawyers often milk the cases for money, and they seem to forget that they are supposed to be serving their clients — not just charging them.

I am attorney Michelle Cohen Levy, and I opened my law firm so I could provide individuals with the honest legal counsel they need.

Through my firm, The Law Office of Michelle Cohen Levy, P.A., I provide families in Fort Lauderdale and throughout Florida with the caring, personalized and zealous counsel they need. I never take a case unless I think I can help the client achieve his or her legal goals. When people come to me with unrealistic goals, I don't move forward without providing an honest assessment of what they can expect.

As we move through the process, I provide clients with regular updates. I respond to emails and phone calls promptly, and I educate clients about what to expect at every step.

Resourceful. Reliable. Results.

I am the daughter of two professionals — both of whom built successful businesses from the ground up. Being the daughter of a doctor, I understand the value of hard work and am committed to providing each client with the creative solutions he or she needs to achieve his or her legal goals.

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I Know How The Other Side Thinks

Before opening my own law firm, I represented insurance companies in insurance defense cases. Insurance companies are all concerned about the same thing — protecting their bottom lines. In legal cases, they achieve that by crunching numbers, delaying cases, defending cases, minimizing cases and settling cases. Because I know what tactics they use, I help my clients build strong cases that will stand up to those strategies.

Learn more about the counsel I provide by scheduling a free initial consultation. I can be reached through my online contact form or by calling 954-687-9782.