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Wage & Hour Laws Archives

Do I have any privacy rights at work, or not?

In general, when it comes to your workplace, you should assume that you have less privacy rights than you would in your own home. This much should be obvious. But there are ways where this idea is trickier than others. So let's take a look at the rights you have as an employee when it comes to privacy.

Scheduling law helps fast food workers in New York City

Imagine for a moment that you work for a fast food restaurant, and you are walking out the door to get to your place of work and clock in. A few minutes into your commute, you get a call from your boss: "You don't have to come in today, business is slow." Some people may celebrate not having to go to work; but others want to work and need the money. Surprising changes to their schedule like this are unwelcome.

Brewery settles with nearly 1,200 workers on wage and hour claim

While the following story didn't occur here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it still could have happened practically anywhere. It involves servers at a brewery not being paid what they are owed, and the fight they had to take to the brewery in civil court in order to get what they deserved.

NLRB panel rules in favor of plaintiff

A former employee at a Nevada casino resort won a crucial battle in her lawsuit against her former employer. The woman sued Grand Sierra Resort & Casino under wage & hour violations, and she says that she was then barred from returning to the premises after the lawsuit was filed. So how does this simple disagreement mark a major win for the plaintiff?

Lunch breaks, overtime pay and minimum wage laws in Florida

As an employee in Florida, you might have questions about your rights related to wages and hours. Are you entitled to a lunch break? Does your employer have to pay you overtime? Is the minimum wage different now? All of these questions might concern you, especially if you are questioning how your employer treats you.

Nike involved in wage and hour lawsuit

A former employee at a Nike retail outlet is suing the company for a violation of wage and hour laws. The plaintiff alleges that Nike forced employees to buy new uniforms once per quarter so that the employees would show off the new clothing lines Nike had available. Nike paid minimum wage, but with their requirement to buy uniforms so frequently, the former employee is alleging that Nike effectively does not pay the required minimum wage.

Legal consultation a good step when your rights are violated

As employees, we all work hard to earn our paychecks and make our bosses proud. Our jobs are important for a variety of reasons, including our wages and benefits, our productivity, our growth as individuals, and fulfilling our responsibilities. It is easy to forget, though, that as employees we have rights. This is because companies and businesses often feel like all-powerful and controlling entities. While they do have a lot of power and control, they aren't immune to legal challenges. And they certainly don't have legal justification to violate your rights.

US Labor Department finds Disney violated wage and hour laws

Late last week, some major news broke in the world of employment law, especially considering it involves the name "Disney," a name which Floridians are all too aware of. The U.S. Labor Department investigated The Walt Disney Co. and found that they owed some $.38 million in back wages to thousands of employees who worked at resorts and hotels for the company.

Former Hertz employee sues company over wages, hours worked

The rental car agency Hertz has been sued by a former manager associate who claims that she was forced to work after hours in order to keep her job, but that those overtime hours never resulted in her being paid for the work. The lawsuit is yet another wage and hour dispute for Hertz, and indeed the entire rental car industry. These disputes go beyond the realm of rental cars, too. Wage and hour disputes are becoming increasingly commonplace in the legal world.